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Aire, a Red Dot Award winning mask that converts a user’s exhales (i.e., wind energy) into electricity.

Aire uses the power of your breath to recharge your iPhone. The user simply straps on the AIRE face mask, hooks it up to their iOS device, and their breath is converted into energy via small wind turbines.

João Lammoglia, a young designer working in Rio de Janeiro, claims that his concept encourages physical exercise: The more you breathe, the more energy you produce. Yet, the great thing about Aire is that the mask also works during passive activities like reading or sleeping.

Lammoglia says that the technology to make Aire doesn’t yet exist and that the point of the exercise was stimulate others to come up with creative eco-friendly solutions to powering the scads of gadgets we carry without concern for the impact they have on the environment. When it comes down to it, there’s no reason to save your breath.