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© Lucas Dolega Rémi Ochlik was a passionated french photo journalist documenting frictions in different parts of the world. He covered conflicts in Libya, Syria, Morocco, Sierra Leone and in Haiti, his first experience with tension and violence. It has been realized during the fall of president Jean-Bertrand Artistide in 2000 before he even graduated. This series was awarded with the Francois Chalais Award for Young Reporters.

Rémi Ochlik was born in 1983 and went to a photography school in Paris while working already for a photo agency, Wostok. He created his own agency IP3 PRESS to deal with events in Paris and conflict areas worldwide. His photographs are published in Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde Magazine and Paris Match.

In 2008 the photographer documented the civil war in Congo and the arabic spring, in Tunisia and Egypt. In the beginning of 2012 he was honored with the famous prize World Press Photo for his work in Libya.

His pictures will stay in people's mind forever. The photographs are important traces of history reminding of the terrible incidents in the world. Showing horrible and brutal scenes, they still have a strange beauty because of their closeness to the event. They get under its contemplator's skin. The violence of conflict, war and misery is brought extremely near to us by these arresting pictures that absorb you. It is difficult to accept the fact that those images are reality and not coming from a war film.

The 22th of february Rémi Ochlik was killed by a rocket in Homs, Syria, while working. His intense photographs will still as much inform and affect us as hopefully help to change for better. He was a very professional, passionated and modest person. We honor his audacious and dedicated character.

To see more of Rémi Ochlik's impressive photographs, please consult:

http://www.ochlik.com http://www.ip3-press.com