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How cool can a home office get? National Geographic Society's Explorer-in-Residence Wade Davis called on architect and designer Travis Price to construct his very own personal at-home workspace in Washington, DC.

As a man with a multitude of titles including anthropologist and author, Davis requires a private chamber for writing. Though light is a key factor in his work, Davis didn't want the distraction of windows in a residential area and opted for alternative lighting methods. With these requests in mind, Price designed a modernized and organized cave-like atmosphere with a skylight and aesthetically pleasing, undisclosed lighting that lines the curved walls. In addition to the client's requests, Price kept zoning regulations that prohibited the addition of detached buildings in the area in mind and made the innovative designing decision to build a library above Davis' desk.

Probably the most awe-inspiring piece of the room, the overhead library complements the overall aesthetic of the space, from the circular floor pattern to the explorer's indigenous souvenirs that adorn the walls. Even the ladder that essentially cuts through the room doesn't serve as an eyesore, but rather as a completing element to an enviable writing studio.


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