by Johanna Bilitza in ,

At the moment I am working on a Paris shopping guide for my internship at it fits! in Amsterdam and I recently discovered the bags of Florian Dénicourt. His store situated in 24, rue Charlot in the third district, a very nice shopping area. He is devoted to exquisite accessories: shoes, purses, wallets and especially beautiful bags for women and men. You will find bags for all kind of occasions: business and leisure or just for having a marvelous bag. They are made out of high-quality leather in a lot of nice colors like electric blue or coral, but also basics like black and brown tones. Inspired by film, music, travelling and people, the designer describes his style as androgynous, minimalistic and rock&roll. His favorite pieces of the actual collection are the bag "Jumelle Liège" in fuchsia and the "Boston Laredo" bag in blue. My favorite: the red cocktail bag in goat leather.

www.floriandenicourt.com http://florian-denicourt.lexception.com/fr/