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Elvis & Kresse transform decommissioned fire hoses into high-end totes, belts, and wallets, but not only do they use decommissioned fire hoses; the lifestyle accessories also bring repurposed sail cloth, Air Traffic Control flight strips, coffee sacks, cardboard and parachute silks into the mix. Hand-stitched in Dorset, England, the cuff links are the result of both thrift and self-interest (the founders had shirts they wanted to accessorize).

What is less known when it comes to Elvis & Kresse is the social side of things. Firstly, 50% of profits from the Elvis & Kresse fire hose line go to the Fire Fighters Charity, which is a non-profit organization that aims to enhance the quality of life for former firefighters—many of whom suffer from physical injuries that occurred while on duty. Secondly, Elvis & Kresse employs workers from Poole’s Remploy factory, an organization that helps people with disabilities find work.