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A California based company called Liquipel claims that it has perfected a process in which it can waterproof your iPhone or other smartphone both inside and out, without having to use a case.

Liquipel offers a nano-coating a thousand times thinner than a human hair that will make your iPhone water-resistant. The coating is so thin, they claim, that you won’t know the difference – in feel or function – from an untreated phone. Quote Liquipel:

The process we use is a specialized coating in the form of a vapor. We put the device in a chamber, fill it with the vapor where it bonds at the molecular level to protect the phone. Since vapor is so small, when the process is finished you can’t see or detect the coating, which makes it perfect for phones.”

How the coating process works; they put the phone into a chamber, create a vacuum, then pump in their special coating gas. The gas permeates the phone, inside and out, and the gas molecules bind through some magic process that only Liquipel is privy to. So water actually gets inside the phone, but beads up and harmlessly rolls of the circuit board.

The process sells for $59, and requires that you send your smartphone to Liquipel to be treated. After which the company will send your protected device back, where it will withstand submersion in liquid (although Liquipel recommends you never test this) or the occasional heavy rain shower. Liquipel claims that it has a five-point tracking procedure so you can monitor the progress of your phone at all times, alleviating any worries you may have about actually receiving your device back.

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