by Miryam Muller in

‘Fotoshop by Adobé’ is a parody commercial from filmmaker Jesse Rosten about today’s beauty standards and the way beauty industry works.

The video, shot by Jesse Rosten, features three models in before and after shots while a voiceover lists the benefits of Photoshop as if it were a beauty product and slimming aid. It is accompanied by the tagline 'This commercial isn't real, neither are society's standards of beauty.'

The clip also shows celebrities including Britney Spears and Keira Knightley who have been subjected to retouching for magazine covers. The female voiceover also declares that 'You don't have to rely on a healthy body image or self-respect anymore - now that's the power of Photoshop. 'Maybe she's born with it - no I'm pretty sure it's Photoshop.'

The video comes after the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK banned two ads, starring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington, following complaints launched by Lib-Dem MP Jo Swinson, who claimed that  airbrushing creates a false impression of beauty.

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