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Storyteller Jonathan Harris launched a new project called Cowbird, a beautiful way to revolutionize how we share stories online. Similar to his self-generated version of Balloons for Bhutan, the website aims to be “a community of storytellers, focused on deeper, longer-lasting, more personal storytelling than you’re likely to find anywhere else on the Web.”

Cowbird works as a way to keep a diary of your life, to share and experience incredible stories. It aims to help you participate in sharing the worlds ongoing sagas too, starting out with a feature on the Occupy movement, told by the people that are there on the front lines – an angle often overlooked by mass media. You can also include lengthy audio clips, telling the story of your images, your day, your life.

You can also add photos, audio, subtitles, characters, tags, dates, locations, dedications, and shape your stories into exactly what you want them to be. Then easily share links to your story on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon or Tumblr.

Request an invitation and share your stories as well.

Here are some good Cowbird stories:


Here is the story of Edmonton Canada resident Roland, Shine the Light On It: