by Miryam Muller in , T-World Magazine is the worlds only totally devoted T-shirt culture magazine, T-World will be holding an exhibition featuring doco’s / T-shirt creators and designers profiles / 1500 Tees from designers around the world and also releasing the first hard cover volume of the magazine. Sold only in selected venues (Hopefully Arcade shop / online & Mag Nation in Australia) and distributed worldwide.

Eddie is a huge ambassador of the Tee and all it’s guises’ the question he is asking designers around the world is ‘What is the future of T-shirts and where do you think it is going ? Come see if you agree – This exhibition will be one of 10 equally huge exhibitions called ‘OUTPOST’ and will be on Cockatoo Island with works by the likes of Anthony Lister, Kid Zoom, Paste Modernism 3, 24 Banksy originals, Everfresh, Beastman + the list goes on + on. It will be the largest street art event in Australia bar none and will be the only destination in Sydney for November.By Australian Studio Versus, a litlle glimpse of "The future of T-shirt graphics" An excellent video who tells the story about the industrie of t-shirt, it's past, it's present and the future. Watch the video with the cool soundtrack of Squabz from OneTwoStudios.

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1,000+ T-shirts on display 150+ T-shirt artists, designers and labels 40+ exclusive portrait photographs by Nicole Reed 15+ T-shirts of the future from high profile local and international artists and designers

Presented by T-world, NEXT is dedicated to the past, present and future of the T-shirt industry. From November 4 to December 11, the intriguing industrial spaces of Sydney’s Cockatoo Island will come alive with the Outpost Project – a world-class showcase of street art. Within the cavernous steel confines of the Heavy Machine Shop lies NEXT, a vibrant display of the planet’s most comprehensive collection of graphic T-shirts.

In 2011, whether you’re an advocate for design, graffiti, skate, street or urban, the T-shirt is the singular identifying uniform speaking the voice of youth culture.

Presented by T-world : Directed by VERSUS : Music by : Squabz / OneTwoStudios