by Miryam Muller in

Japanese architect Ryue Nishizawa recently completed the House and Garden building in Tokyo. Built on a small lot, only 26ft x 13ft or 8 x 4 meters, this four-story house is overshadowed by two tall buildings and invisible from the main road by ingenious use of plants and vases, making it look like a garden instead of a house.

Ryue Nishizawa designed the tiny urban lot in response to his clients desire to live in the city centre, close to the places where they conduct their business in the world of writing and publishing. To give the inhabitants their privacy Nishizawa chose to use floor to ceiling glass windows, curtains, and an array of plants to substitute for the lack of solid interior walls in the house.

The ground floor holds the kitchen and living room, while the first and second bedrooms are found on the second and third floors. Finally, the fourth floor has a roof top terrace and either a guest bedroom or storage unit. A spiral steel staircase runs up the whole building connecting each level.

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