by Miryam Muller in , London-based design agency Signal | Noise have collaborated with the Swiss design agency Unit to create two interactive experiences for the launch of the new Hermès flagship store in Geneva and the theme for the evening was the meeting of handcraft and technology.

Presented at Geneva’s Musee D’Art et D’Histoire the launch used both of the museum’s two exhibition halls and in the first room they created an iPad application which invited guests to leave their hand print on the evening, wheres the second installation, shown here, included a six metre interactive object that allowed visitors to control strips of light passing through it.

In the second room, a six metre interactive, high-gloss, monolith was interwoven with ‘digital stitches’ – arrays of infra-red sensors and LEDs, allowing guests to create and control strips of light on the Habitat-looking block. In turn, users gestures also controlled large projections of iconic Hermès images projected across the room.


Address: 43, rue du Rhône, Geneva