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Following the success of Nicola Formichetti's pop-up store in New YorkBOFFOSOFTlab and Focus Lighting have launched another great project for a pop-up shop of the lingerie brand The Lake & Stars, a small New York company, putting real effort into making beautiful, high-quality lingerie.

Project description:

The SOFTlab-designed pop-up shop for The Lake & Stars plays with the concept of viewing cones to provide visitors with two entirely different shopping experiences. Focus Lighting uses these cones both as a focal point and opportunity to provide light. A central wall composed of 29 irregularly shaped cones seems to hover over the middle of the shop, dividing it into two separate spaces.

The lighting design draws visitors toward the viewing cones and uses the dichroic plexi-glas to create splashes of color within the sleek, white space. As visitors enter on the space to the left of this wall, pin spots draw their eyes toward the different rectangular openings within the wall. Light fixtures are precisely aimed to that when the light hits the dichroic plexi-glas a splash of color is projected onto the flossy white surfaces of the adjacent space, bringing life to the mannequins and merchandise.

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