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This amazingly compact design was crafted by four university students that packed an entire home’s basic furniture in a space of just four square meters. And they managed to include a bookshelf, a double bed, a sofa and a dinner table, along with four stools, 12 seats, working space, a wardrobe, a cleaning products box, storage drawers and a folder storage. In Russian, the word Matroshka describes wooden dolls that hide inside each other, the furniture system works the same way – the smaller pieces are hidden inside bigger and could be taken out when they are needed. In its largest state.

As the living room, Matroshka has space for up to 12 people around the table. This solves a common problem in small residences of having guests round and finding somewhere for them to sit. The table itself, which is sold separately, can be moved up and down hydraulically, making it simple to adjust to people’s needs at a particular time – one moment it’s a dining table, the next it’s a coffee table.

The designers made the study raised at a height of 60 centimetres that allows some units to be placed beneath the study’s floor. Furthermore, this has a positive psychological effect, making it easier to draw a line between work and leisure. The spacious L-shaped desk has a standard height and depth. Authors say that ‘you may be living in a small space, but that’s no reason to use small furniture’.

To make optimum use of Matroshka, you need a floor space of at least 2 x 3.5 metres. Despite the fact that the furniture occupies approximately 7 square metres, it is recommended having it on an area of approximately 15 square feet, in order to use it in a good way.

Matroshka furniture is produced by Sweden company Matroshka Furniture AB and available for purchasing. It is space-saving and contains almost all necessary pieces of furniture for small apartments, except kitchen.