by Miryam Muller in

The modern digital camera is small enough to fit on a phone, powerful enough to record in high definition, and popular enough to be almost everywhere. With the rise of camera technology have come two dueling trends: the popularity of sharing videos and pictures online, and the fear that we’re losing privacy to security surveillance. Which force is more powerful: Big Brother or Big Social Sharing? And where is all this camera technology leading us in the years ahead? At Mezzmer Eyeglasses they have created another compelling infographic to give you the details about digital recording in the 21st Century. With all the data to sift through, and the weight of the issues, it’s helpful to have this following infographic to help us make sense of things. Read it, enjoy it, and share it. It’s a great way to get the conversation started.

Graphic created by Mezzmer Eyeglasses