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ALL IN ONE PLACE: The New York Times on Monday launched The Collection, an iPad app that will be a catchall for the paper’s fashion and style content. The Collection app will be updated every day, and will draw in content from the paper’s Styles desk, the On the Runway blog, T Magazine, The Moment blog and fashion coverage from The International Herald Tribune.

The app, which will be free through the end of the year, is an experiment into seeing if there is any interest in the Times’ stand-alone apps for niche content. “It’s one of our first forays into what we think of as vertical app strategy,” said Times product management executive director M.Z. Goodman. “What can we do with all the content we produce that might stand alone well? It’s sort of an experiment.”

The Times has a similar app for the iPhone, The Scoop app, which gives recommendations for restaurants, bars and events in the city. Emerging platforms editor Fiona Spruill said the Times is planning on launching another iPad app for something related to the election.

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