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A very special collaboration between Lady Gaga and the New York department store Barneys.

In mid-November Barneys will turn the entire fifth floor of the Women’s flagship stores on Madison Avenue in a magnificent Christmas Gaga world. To Lady Gaga’s interpretation of the Santa workshops are the best possible way, her well-known artists such as Eli Sudbrack , Christophe Hamaide Pierson of Assume Vivid Astro Focus and Nicola Formichetti, Mugler creative director and her fashion consultant, reach under the strong arms.

The artwork, by the way Barney’s Creative Director Dennis Freedman designed, which will decorate the bags and extra packaging. In this can be the limited edition products, gifts and crazy little things are connected, the Madame Gaga with Nicola Formichetti designs. Who is jetting to New York, not even just can the products online at Barneys buy and watch the workshop live on the net.

As should stand at Christmas but not only in the forefront of commerce, 25 percent of the proceeds will go to a charity program that Lady Gaga is personally select. Well then we can indeed look forward to whimsical Santas, maybe a chocolate version of Lady Gaga or glittering, extravagant decorations.


Claw Christmas stocking                                Handmade chocolate skull from Gaga’s Workshop




Gaga Face hand-decorated cookies                Gaga-topped snow globe

Eli Sudbrack’s rendering of the spider installation, where the jewelry will be displayed.

A rendering of Sudbrack’s Train Station, which will sell stuffed animals.


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