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Slavery Footprint, created by Made in a Free World, is a slick web-based survey framed around the question “How many slaves work for you?” Going through all the major consumer aspects of our lives (food, housing, clothing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc)

I checked out the site and launched into the survey. It’s pretty simplified — they aren’t calling for you to declare exact items by their brands, but more an overall assessment of your closet, medicine cabinet, refrigerator contents and so on. It’s just the right level of depth where you’ll get a fairly good idea of your social impact without having to invest a day in checking every label in your home.

The people behind Slavery Footprint would like to create some awareness while using some scrolling hipness on their homepage. Their survey on the other hand is raising the bar for HTML/JS driven web experiences to a whole other level. The outcome is not always as nice though.

Take the survey here

A place that would force slavery onto its people in these modern times is also most likely a place with few choices and with few resources for its people. And it is most likely a place with little concern for the environmental impacts of both that production on the environment and the impact of the inhabitants on the ecosystem. We have writen more about this subject, and as most of our results of the survey say, it wont be the last on this topic either. Read earlier article here.