by Miryam Muller in , Condition ONE is a military iPad app that offers the most realistic vision of war to date. The app takes intense battle field footage and condenses the clips into an interactive video to immerse viewers in a virtual experience on the front lines.

Created by photojournalist Danfung Dennis, the 210 MB app creates a visceral feeling of being inside a video, it turns your iPad into a portable video camera, when viewing what you have filmed, you can swipe to see different angles during playback, there for personalising the viewing experience through portable film making. It’s as if you have become the intrepid reporter behind enemy lines seeking out the story within. It blends photo journalism and reporting in interesting ways.

The video clips, which were filmed entirely on DSLR camera’s by photojournalist Patrick Chauvel, take viewers on a rollercoaster ride through various war zones, in hopes to break the image of mundane, unrealistic footage often portray by the media and immerse viewer in the high-octane realism of war. The small compact design of DSLRs, the high definition with which they capture video and the ability to easily add a whole range of lenses and filters, make them the perfect tool to shoot footage in the most hostile of environments.

In the clip you get real insight into what Chauvel describes as “a very sad story,” where militaries are made up of students, hairdressers, bakers, bankers, philosophers and teachers, most of whom are not trained in combat.

To find out more about the Condition ONE iPad app, head on over Dennis’ website; Condition ONE.

The Condition ONE footage is displayed in a slightly-distorted 180-degree view. The distortion mimics the blurred vision that registers in our peripheral view and the 180-view packs what would typically be seen by the eye, into the 9.7 inch display of Apple’s iPad.

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