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After the Bacardi building extravaganza in Amsterdam— or the LG’s building-projected extravaganza in Berlin now also Macy’s has it’s own building-projected spectacular at the Denver area Promenade Shops at Centerra.

Two shows premiered there November 4 and 5: The first inspired by the evolution of the Colorado environment; the second an abstract, Escher-style ‘impossible rooms’ production that challenged conventional notions of reality.

The tech: a three-dimensional projection technique called Videomapping that produced stunning images that interacted with the contours of the 60-foot-tall, 120-foot-wide  Macy’s department store outer wall. Creative credit goes to Integrated Visions Productions.

 "A window into geologic Colorado… to abstract dreamscapes The first five-minute video will explore the environment of Colorado and its development over time, using trompe l’oeil effects to turn the Macy’s wall at the Promenade shops into a window into geologic time.

The second video is an abstract show that challenges conventional notions of reality, employing “impossible rooms” animations, sequences inspired by dreamscapes and fractal geometry, featuring the skills of a cutting-edge particle animator.

The Promenade Shops at Centerra approached Integrated Vision Productions with the goal of hosting Colorado’s first videomapping extravaganza.  The company wanted to create a landmark spectacle to help the Center stand out from competitors in the Denver area, and decided that a cutting-edge videomapping event was a perfect fit."