by Miryam Muller in

Catchy slogans and sayings from the 1980’s showered us with memorable tag lines such as“Just Do It.”“Sit Ubu sit, good dog. (ruff!)” and the iconoclastic, “I want my MTV.”.  If you are of a certain age, you probably also remember the old ladies staring at an over sized bun with an unimpressive burger appearing like a dot on an otherwise vast and blank canvass. Those ladies were of course asking, “Where’s the beef!?” as part of the most famous Wendy’s ad campaign of all time. Today, the main question being asked of all technology innovations is just as poignant.

Innovations in technology, especially those focusing on user-facing applications center around delivering value. Providing some new service, some new piece of content, some new bit of relevant data at the right moment that improves the end-user’s experience, saves him time or otherwise improves some aspect of his relationship with the brand. Kind of obtuse I know, but if you can deliver to the end user something deemed of value, logic dictates that individual will be more likely to stay with your brand or service, share the experience socially, purchase more from you and perhaps do so more often. These are things that keep marketers up all night.

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