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Robot Heart Stories - Experiential Education If you were worried about robots taking over the world one day, you’ll be interested to know they’re already teaching our kids.

At least in a couple of classrooms. The robot in question is the central character of a new educational experience called Robot Heart Stories, developed by fellow transmedia pioneer, Lance Weiler. The game is played by two groups of students – one in Montréal, the other in Los Angeles. Using their geography, math and problem solving skills, the students must learn to collaborate to help a stranded alien robot get himself across the country and onto a rocket back home.

A live team of producers, artists and designers will be traveling across Canada and the US, documenting the robots progress in pictures and video, which the kids can track from their school computers. Just the fact that someone’s job description includes “Alien Robot Photographer” is reason enough to follow along – whether you’re a student or not.

It’s inspiring to see transmedia making it’s way into the classroom and making the outside world a little more accessible – and a lot more fun.

Robot Heart Stories from WorkBook Project on Vimeo.