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Amazing customized Keds for Opening Ceremony "France Edition" designed by artist Richard Saja. Richard Saja is known for his unique embroidery style, bringing a new reality to historical or familiar imagery and re-contextualizing quintessentially French toile prints since 2001 when he first designed a set of printed pillows embellished with playful twists on monochromatic pastoral scenes.

Saja has taken that popularity to a new level adding his own perspective, or as I like to think of it: how life really was. The original cloths portray life as serene and simple but doesn’t every culture have an underbelly?  Who’s to say that there weren’t avant-garde freaks running around upsetting the social norm even in lovely 18th century France?


These shoes were created in collaboration with Keds for Opening Ceremony and were sold in conjunction with NY’s Fashion Night Out.