by Miryam Muller in ,

Last year the MoMA staged a celebrated retrospective of the work of Marina Abramović, the undisputed godmother of performance art. The centerpiece of the exhibition, which featured archival video and photographic documentation of performances from her 30 year career, as well as several live in-gallery “reperformances,” was a three month long performance by the artist herself, aptly titled The Artist is Present. In it, Abramović sat motionless in MoMA’s atrium day in and day out during the museum’s hours of operation, inviting visitors to sit across from her in silent meditation. The performance drew massive crowds and media attention, and captured the imagination of both the art world and the greater online community to become one of the most widely discussed exhibitions of 2010.

The retrospective is now being re-staged at The Garage gallery in Moscow, introducing her expansive and emotionally charged body of work to the Russian public. Though the exhibition largely echoes the MoMA retrospective, it does feature the addition of several new works, including a re-interpretation of the famed The Artist is Present performance, which sees Abramović teaming up with Russian and American scientists to analytically deconstruct the reportedly mystical nature of the experience.

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