by Lisanne Brummelhuis in ,

It was Patrik Ervell’s turn to transform the TriBeCa-spot where Nicola Formichetti opened a pop-up shop a few weeks ago into his own (temporary) space. For this project, which is part of BOFFO Building Fashion 2011, Ervell collaborated with London-based artist Graham Hudson. Ervell’s love for the use of innovative and unusual fabrics like gold foil, vintage parachutes and splash-dyed silks combined with Hudson’s fascination for entropy, chaos and questions of authorship and object value resulted in a shop where the collection is displayed against a backdrop of scaffold, rubble and raw materials. The contrast of Ervell’s minimalistic and elegant collection and an environment where destruction and rebuilding are the key, makes the designer collection come to it’s own. This project gave the two designers a chance “to do something experimental and to push the limits of what is possible and functional” according to Patrik Ervell. You can see the result of this unique collaboration until November 2 on 57 Walker Street.

Someone who also pushed the limits of what is possible and functional, is a teenage boy named ‘Chocodave.’ During a house sit he covered his parent’s entire kitchen in tin foil as a surprise for their silver wedding anniversary. It took him days to wrap everything from the fridge to the bread maker, cupboards and cook books, but with his goal in mind he had a lot of fun. He photographed the whole process, but unfortunately the picture with the reaction of his parents is missing.. Despite that, it’s still worth a look!