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In one of the first commercialized applications of natural interaction beyond gaming, Bodymetrics has applied the 3D sensors of PrimseSense to the fashion industry.

Bodymetrics isn’t new to the fashion and body scanner scene, their body scanners have been installed in Selfridges for years, making the UK luxury chain embrace technology and drive up jean sales to the tune of 20% of all denim sales. But this body scanner is different, it is the first of its kind to create a full 3D body scanner using  the technology and 3D sensors from PrimeSense, the Israeli company that provided the natural interaction technology to Kinect. This deployment is a sound illustration that their technology will enable consumer devices to “see” environments and allow users to control and interact naturally with those devices in a simple and intuitive way.

The body scanner uses eight PrimeSense™ 3D sensors to map the body’s measurements and shape. Bodymetrics revolutionizes the way consumers buy clothes through the virtual ‘try on’ of outfits both at retail stores and through online clothing retailers, enabling customers to gauge a more realistic fit before purchase.

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