by Miryam Muller in

Cornell’s Creative Machine Lab decided to see what happens when an AI conversationalist Cleverbot briefly interacts with itself and than displays the exchange as a video using text-to-speech. The results were just as scary as funny. Check out the discussion on God, unicorns, and robots in the video below. Seems like we need another version of the Turing Test to let us know when computers have reached humanity’s level.

The program Cleverbot is a web-based application that talks to people through a text interface. It’s one of many such “chatbots” you can find online, each able to respond to messages you type. Cleverbot learns to be a better conversationalist by remembering all the previous discussions it has had (20 million+ so far) and choosing which previous statements made by humans best fit the current discussion it’s having with a human. If you want, you can go to the Cleverbot site right now and participate in its learning process. When you do, I want you to keep in mind what you see in the following video from Cornell’s Creative Machines Lab. We (the internet) taught Cleverbot how to converse. If even it seems to find itself ridiculous and hard to listen to, what does that say about us?


Source: CCML