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A Finnish building company NEAPO has made it possible with a 40 feet long three storeyed office building, which is officially the world’s first mobile building. The new three-storey office building, 33 metres long and 12 metres tall, was transferred in one piece by water to its plot on Hirvensalo Island near Turku, Finland. The voyage of this 220-tonnes construction from the shipyard to the island took just under three hours.

The building weighs about 440,000 pounds and was placed in a raft near Turku, southeast coast of Finland using a crane. This 9,300-square-foot apartment building is completely mobile and is transportable via land and water both. It was constructed using specially patented steel which gives the building the same strength as a conventional cement building would have, thus allowing it to be much lighter in comparison. A traditional cement building would have been approximately five times heavier than this one. To give you and idea of its strength and sturdiness, the building is earthquake proof as well.

NEAPO normally transports its houses by road but in this case it was only one way to deliver a three-storey building to the plot. Following the company’s estimation, a concrete building with the same dimensions would be five times heavier and couldn’t be transported this way. If necessary, it is possible to the building again.

You can watch the video of the building’s sea transportation here.