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In short, there are small rooms, with few square meters showing that, in confined spaces, you can live comfortably. The Cube Project is another example of how to live compactly.

Dr Mike Page an engineer and Reader in Cognitive Psychology at the School of Psychology of University of Hertfordshir came up with a concept to meet up with the modern day concerns of environment, tendency to live in the city and, therefore, to design the perfect compact cabin which shows that in a 3x3x3 square-foot house, a person could live comfortably in a small space with minimal environmental impact.

The house is built with sustainable materials, and only 27 cubic meters, The Cube Project has, basicaly, everything you need for anyone to live in. The interior includes usually found in every house, a room where rest and watch television, a kitchen, bathroom, shower and bedroom even has a large window to let in outside light.

In addition, this space is designed so that it generates its energy needs with solar panels. Housing is a small but comfortable enough for a single person can live inside. Surely in the future will see more designs that tend to becompact architecture.

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