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The Lower East side may soon be getting a new park...underground! The newly nicknamed "Low Line" park would be found in an unused trolley terminal under Delancy Street. Thought up by architect James Ramsey, the park's goal would be to add more green space to NYC while converting a long since dilapidated area into one of use. Much like the recent "High Line," the Low Line seeks to creatively add natural space into the urban environment.

An interesting feature the Low Line would bring about is the use of a "remote skylight." This is the use of fiber optic cables that supply the underground area with light that's filtering out harmful UV and infrared rays while keeping the wavelengths necessary for plants to perform photosynthesis. Ramsey's other idea is to have solar collectors above ground that supply power to any fixtures needed underground.

The future of the Low Line will soon be decided, as it will be appearing before Community Board 3 on September 21.

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