by Miryam Muller in

My dear friend Francesca Demichelis sent me the following "note of hope", describing an experience during her recent Holidays. It gives a view on todays general hostility, reported by an individual, still believing in the possibility of a brighter future: "I was on holiday, in Italy, and an article on the first page of a major Italian magazine attracted my attention.

The news was stunning, the space dedicated to it, amazingly small…. In the city of Madaba, south of the Jordanian capital Amman, stands the first ever mosque dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Considered as one of the most important prophets in the Muslim religion, no one had ever thought a mosque would be built in His honour.

As a catholic myself, I have to admit I’ve been extremely pleased by the news. In a world that looks more and more like a powder tank, where we can’t stop hearing about wars and riots, I felt for a moment a tiny breeze of reciprocal acknowledgement, tolerance and wisdom.

But how big my deception the day after, reading a long article (on the same magazine!) about the risks the imam would incur in, the critics, the doubts….

I must be a real naïve person, but I do believe that there is one thing our world really craves for now: HOPE.

And an unknown imam has given us some. Let’s not deceive him."