by Miryam Muller in

Industrial designer Judicael Cornuhas made good use of the capacity of human body to produce sonorous transmission. The bones are made up of sonorous medium that will help sound reach the internal air directly. The device will skip the usage of eardrum altogether and save it from all kinds of damages. The human bone structure is a great amplifier and medium of sound waves, which makes our body a sound box in true sense.

The device consists of three parts: a headphone, ring and bracelet, which will help user savor music through their bones. All the pieces make use of specific bones and are placed in contact with different body parts. Sonorous information is transmitted to the bone tissue with the help of synthesis ceramic placed in the device. The headphone will run around the skull like an everyday piece. The design has been fitted with two ceramic rings that will form a contact with the temporal bone.

The user will have to wear the bracelet around the wrist, which has ceramic lens. It will transmit the sound when the lens forms a contact with the forearm bone. The base of the ring has been shaped like an hourglass and has to be clutched with the help of two fingers. Sounds will be transmitted when the ring is positioned near the jaw or cranium.

Bone Conduction headphone will help people suffering from deafness relish music. It will let the user listen music in a conventional manner sans hampering the eardrums. The headphone will prevent further damage and enrich the experience of the user.

Via: Judicaelcornu