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http://youtu.be/_Bo624Ri01o L.A.-based Michael Jantzen’s M-House is recyclable, but in a different way -- and infinitely more interesting -- way. You can break it down, then put it back together again, anywhere in the world, in virtually any shape, size, or configuration. It’s the ultimate house for the 21st century nomad. Just ask Brad Pitt. He nearly bought it.

How it works; Modular panels that can be arranged, in countless permutations, around an open space frame made of seven interlocking cubes. The panels hinge to the cubes and come in a bunch of varieties: Some have windows, others have doors; some are insulated, others are not; some even unfold to become places to sit, work, eat, and sleep indoors.

The idea’s that by varying the placement and number of panels throughout the space frame, you can create pretty much any building imaginable, whether an intimate vacation home, a self-sufficient resort complex (powered by wind and solar energy) or a mother-in-law suite perched far (very far) from the main house -- or all three. The panels pack flat so they’re easy to transport.

[Images courtesy of Michael Jantzen]