by Miryam Muller in ,

Berlin-based artist EVOL has installed a miniature city beneath the countryside of rural Hamburg, Germany. The project is for the MS DOCKVILLE arts and music festival, opening in August. The city took eight days to build and will remain at least through to the festival’s close on August 14th. There is no indication of anybody living there though! EVOL’s work typically transforms urban spaces into miniature cities by pasting spraypainted stenciled images of walls and windows over planters, power boxes, and other structures.

Street artist EVOL said of the current installation:

“As I came [to the site] first, that’s what I found: endless meadow, trees and blue sky. Not exactly what I play with usually, so I decided to cut open the idyll, and pretend there is no endless meadow, but only rooftop-gardens of the disgust underneath.