by Miryam Muller in

Creative communications agency Berg London was recently asked by Icon Magazine to redesign an everyday object, such as the common retail receipt []. Berg added "semi-useful" infographics of some statistical facts and low-tech personalization of information that might be useful to regular customers.

As a result, when buying a lunch in your local coffee shop, you now will be more aware of when the ham & cheese baguettes tend to sell out, when chocolate fudge cakes are popular during a typical day, and how this all adds up to your daily preferred calorie intake.

Unfortunately, while you can still figure out simple things like the VAT amount, the newly designed bill does not show information on who actually served you (and whether she is single), nor does it show the name and birth place of the cow pig of the ham you are eating (and how many cute baby calves are now without a mom). The data exists, so maybe, one day...