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Shocking celebrity break up, initiated by Greenpeace. In this spoofy animated video, Greenpeace has taken its attack on Mattel to social media with a video of Ken dumping Barbie over the Indonesian rainforests, a Facebook site and a website encouraging viewers to email the CEO of Mattel.

The environmental group which is known for championing its causes via communication and advertising campaigns is calling Mattel to task for allegedly "wrapping the world's most famous toy in rainforest destruction".

According to Greenpeace, the packaging used in Barbie and Ken boxes contained products from Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), a subsidiary of Sinar Mas, which the envrionmental group claims is a "destroyer of Indonesia's rainforests".

The campaign was launched on 6 June and has since garnered close to 160,000 views on YouTube and 855,000 likes on Facebook. So far, the website claims 13,000 people have written to Mattel's CEO, Bob Eckert, urging him to "dump" APP. Greenpeace is targeting 50,000 such requests.

According to the LA Times, Greenpeace intends to continue its campaign until Mattel declares a zero-deforestation policy.