by Miryam Muller in ,

Remember, back in 1992 when Stella Liebeck spilled and scalded her lap to hot coffee she had bought at the drive in from McDonald's? Something which led Liebeck being the plaintiff in a 1994 lawsuit against the fast-food franchise and eventually reached her a millions dollar settlement.

And now, lawyer-turned-filmmaker Susan Saladoff is telling Liebeck's story in a new documentary, Hot Coffee, which premiered at the Sundance International Film Festival this week.

In the film, Saladoff tells what happened to Liebeck after the case was decided. And as she explained to The Salt Lake Tribune, she made the film to change people's perceptions about the lawsuit:

In Hot Coffee, Saladoff uses Liebeck's story, along with three others, to raise the idea that corporations are limiting people's access to the court system by creating the perception that lawsuits like Liebeck's are frivolous. Regardless of whether you agree with the documentary's argument, there is no denying that Liebeck spilling a cup of hot coffee into her lap changed the legal landscape in America.