'THREE DREAMS OF BLACK' interactive music video by Chris Milk

by Miryam Muller in

3 Dreams of Black” is a new interactive music video directed by Chris Milk -“The Wilderness Downtown”- for the concept album Rome - a collaboration between Danger Mouse and composer Daniele Luppi inspired by the music from old spaghetti westerns.-

The project is a Chrome Experiment that showcases some of the latest web technologies like WebGL in modern browsers like Google Chrome. Not only can you interact with video, you can also add your own items to the dream or see what others have build.

The video is broken into three different dreams. The first, a first-person dreamy video (similar to Milk’s Last Day Dream)—the second, a ride through an ever-shifting landscape—and the final dream, a soaring flight through sky structures. The interactive part is being able to control your path through these environments.

Both the visuals and the technology are stepping up with a video built mostly with WebGL—an HTML5 technology capable of rendering realtime 3D inside a browser. It’s powerful technology that can truly change how filmmakers tomorrow may tell their stories.