by Miryam Muller in

The folks over at Studio Joon&Jung have thrown in their hat and have created a set of speakers that are rustic and charming because of their handmade characteristics. Simple in form and materials, the Natural Speakers sound and of course look amazing.

Cool details on the speakers are the small, leather straps that keep the wood and the ceramic firmly held together. It’s a detail that could have been overlooked but was well considered. Says their website.

The idea for the ‘the natural speaker’ derived from the desire to create an absolutely unique, handcrafted speaker for the interior space. Whereas a lot of speakers are constructed to produce a rather fat bass and sharp high tones, we felt the sound was kind of stuck inside the speakers, missing a natural vibe and ambiance. During the development of the ‘the natural speaker’ we discovered the great properties of porcelain as a speaker casing, providing a clear resonance and mellow sound.

Amplified inside the ceramic and wood transmission construction, the sound gains a slight echo, creating a natural feeling of resonance, resembling the distinct flair of an acoustic instrument right in front of you.

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