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Tenue de Nîmes is an experimental, ambitious, quality-focused jeans label right in the centre of Amsterdam opened by Menno Van Meurs, René Strolenberg (owners)& their graphic designer, art director and photographer, Joachim Baan. Tenue de Nîmes is inspired by unprocessed materials, vintage looks, unique new designs and shapes to small but important details. Their aspiration is to make jeans for the modern-day men and woman who love the thrill of the new and appreciate good quality.

Tenue de Nîmes represent items from countries like Sweden, Japan, Denmark and The Netherlands. Although the store unites several unique items from vintage watches and glasses to photography and design, the shop has Denim as an initial concept. Everything between the walls of the denim boutique are interconnected and have an underlying connection with the heritage of jeans.


Nîmes (France) is the place where denim has it’s origin. The French city is situated in the southern part of the French Provence, near Marseille. In the seventeenth century a fabric was developed there called ‘Serge de Nîmes’. It was a mix of wool and silk. The term denim has its roots in this fabric but has evolved to pure cotton in the United States. The term denim is derived from it’s geographical origin just like any other textile from that period of time. Denim was for years a solid, hardly wearable fabric, ideal for heavy duty. Besides the origin of denim Nîmes has been a legendary city for it's exquisite fabrics and patterns. Inspiration for these special products came from the beautiful nature in the area's around the city. In the eighteenth century Nîmes became famous for its silk shawls which were, thanks to a new rail road, worn all over Europe. For Tenue de Nîmes this paradox, between the rawness of denim and the elegance of silk and patterns, became the basic principle of the store.