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T magazine recently published a great article about this spectacular vacation home in Majorca, Spain that belongs to Alexandre de Betak, a very top notch event producer, art director and designer who has organized fashion shows for many important clients from Rodarte to Dior.

The whole house, which is constructed from mostly local eco-sensitive materials doesn't have a right angle in it. White plaster walls cover the surface of the interiors, including the ceilings, while the kitchen floor is covered in pebble tiles. Every small detail was carefully planned from the rock shelves on the walls that seem like they were formed naturally to the lighting that appear to have grown out of the rocks.

He worked with local artisans to fill it with hand-crafted touches (like a massive stone slab doorstep, rock shelves, and a three-berth sleeping cave for kids) and a ceramic R2D2 ash tray (

See below for more amazing pictures of this modern cave man house by the sea.