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Information sharing is in the midst of its greatest transformation since the advent of the printing press.  As the core of the media system shifts towards digital, independents and artists are reacting by creating a new wave of works on paper. This re-found interest is what motivated Death of Print, a platform for artists to sell their independently published artist books, zines, and other printed media.

Collection I will be Death of Print’s first installation. It will be built at the Lower East Side concept store End of Century, an unconventional platform for creatives that is staged as showroom, store, salon, and exhibition space. The space and its contents are fluid, where everything is impermanent and available for exchange.

Featured artists: Weiyi Li, Tuomas Korpijaakko, Stephanie Dodes, Raquel Nave, Rahel Zoller, Rachel Domm, Pierre Le Hors, Mike Geary, Luca Antonucci, Leslie Kulesh, Le Gros Monsieur, Lay Flat, Laurent Champoussin, Lauren Adolfsen, Kipp

Edick, Kimm Whiskie, Josh Slater, Jesse Hlebo, Jenny Kroftova, Hailey Loman, Grant Willing, Fryd Frydendahl, Fairchild Fries, Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo, Carissa Carlson, Andrea Aimi, Alex Hollander, Alex Barry