BLIP.TV RELAUNCHED. The new and improved youtube?

by Miryam Muller in

BlipTV now angled themselves to a more consumer-facing site so that people can discover original web series more easily. launched in 2005, the same year as YouTube, but the company took a different route with online video. Instead of just hosting and serving one-off videos, Blip styled itself as a TV network, creating a platform that facilitated the production of shows, with multiple episodes, seasons, and the like. has since served 3 billion videos, it announced today, and expects to reach a billion views per quarter going forward. At the same time, the company is rolling out a complete redesign, intended to make it easier for users, viewers and advertisers alike.

The new design, the company says, makes it easier to find shows to watch, and adds a social element to the site. At the top of the new homepage is a number of episodes and shows, picked by's team, organized into sixteen different categories (think channels), like sports and fashion. Search has been redesigned to be more video-centric, and it's also easy to find what's popular or trending on The player itself has seen some improvements, and the whole site feels more refined and streamlined now.