by Truus Dokter in

Why are we so restricted in our thinking. Why aren't we taught to also have a helicopter view besides our personal competency? Why do we stick to comparing the growth of national and global economies to one year ago instead of five or even ten... because let's get real - at least in the Western world - what crisis? Okay, it's sad people are loosing their jobs, but there is still enough money to support them as long as necessary...

Shouldn't we change our views of never ending growth and try to think in terms that the bucket might be full? -At least nature tries to tell us that we have reached a few limits.- Isn't it time for a universal view on life, on economics, on politics? The euro is a success, maybe we should get serious about the "global" currency? Why...? What will be the answer: on a micro level "normal" people, workers they seem to have answers, unfortunately on a macro level the power game is still ruling. Obviously there is still a long way to go to a better understanding of our universal problems.