by Truus Dokter in

(Hugh MacLeod -

Why does the world still thinks and lives in the past? 

We are almost entering the second decade of the 21th century and still we stick to old mechanisms: we stimulate the economy with some incentives here and there, we invest in clean energy only when we can afford it and we help the industries that have been responsible for the mess we are in... 
We don't have the guts to take drastic measures, because we are scared and we lack vision.
We should open up to possibilities that new technological development give us like having your new chair printed with a 3D printer rather than buying it at IKEA, believing in the possibility of owning a 100% electric car within 2 years - or rather demanding from the industry that they provide you an electric car within 2 years - or wanting to be in charge of your own food supply while living in the city.
We are living in the 21st century, the technology of improvement is there: let's claim it, let's use it and let's stop allowing people in power to slow down progress for their own good.