by Truus Dokter in

Obama wanted change, now McCain wants the same. Unfortunately, until now the conservative part of his Republican party disagrees with him. Okay, it is unheard of that tax payers have to pay for the greedy actions of rich politicians, business people and bankers. However doing nothing and clinging to selfish views on capitalism won't solve the present problems. The global world has become so much of a reality that in fact Europeans and Asians should have a say in the next elections. Again another puppet of power would be disastrous, if not fatal for world economy and stability.

People are sick and tired of incompetents ruling this world, monitoring our money, without any view on future roads to take. The world is ready for the future, but our leaders are blind, lame ducks that don't have a clue how to start a new business, how to unite people or preserve the world for our children and grandchildren.
I am not saying that Obama is the solution, things don't change overnight. But at least he tries, is passionate and has eye for the misery of less fortunate people. I ask all the Americans all over the world to think and listen to global consciousness when they have to choose in November: please give Obama the chance to change! As a European I would be eternally grateful!