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KYP A recap after a month’s publishing, we’d like to share with you our favorite posts, check them out below!


How to make plain, reusable jars simply look awesome? With Cuppow ($8). This brilliant little tool acts like a coffee cup lid, working with most normal wide-mouth canning jars to turn them into efficient, eco-friendly, reusable and spill-free travel mugs. Cuppow is made from BPA-free and phthalate-free food grade polypropylene, and comes in different sizes. more..


The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has partnered with technology company Control Group to bring subway commuters the “On The Go” interactive touchscreens. The new 47-inch displays will deliver real-time station directions including transfers and line alerts, countdowns until train arrival, and service updates, and will also include video cameras, microphones, and Wi-Fi. The MTA will more..


By now I think it’s pretty clear that 3D printing is the future. Using this method, we could create buildings, furniture, cars and even clothing, on a way greener level. Below you can watch a test drive of Urbee 2, the successor to the first 3D printed car in the world. This hybrid 3D printed car, created more..



Italian designer Harry Thaler is all about re-inventing everyday objects to make something new and exciting. His new lamp called gives a perfect example, just put a nail in the wall, and the lamp is ready! Harry’s “Hang It On The Wall’ lamp responds to the phasing out of the iconic Edison lightbulb. The shape more..


If nature, astrology and stargazing out in the forrest is your thing, the “Elqui Domos” will most probably appeal to you. Located in the Elqui Valley of Pisco, surrounded by the Andes Mountains in central Chile, the magical hotel is perfectly situated for a spectacular view at the night sky. The hotel combines stargazing and specialized astronomic tours with night-time horseback   ..READ MORE..



The wait is over! H&M’s new high-end label & Other Stories finally launched it’s first-ever store in London’s Regent Street. Like COS, & Other Stories is owned by H&M but designed and produced independently, aimed at a more fashion savvy shopper. Over thirty-five designers, many from established style brands like Acne and Sonia Rykiel, have more..


Investing in a fantastic office chair is about the best thing you can do to preserve a good posture and comfortably sit behind the computer all day. Yet, in these modern times, smartphones and tablets play just as big of role in our “sitting behavior.” Therefore American professional furniture producer Steelcase undertook a global posture more..


Life Magazine certainly knows how to bring us the better goods with yet another breathtakingly beautiful series called ‘Love letter to New York’. For ‘Love letter to New York’ Life Magazine collected their best New York City photography that had been taken between 1940 and 1972.  This collection delivers beautiful black and white images of more..


Our instinctive need to design for adaptation in (unpredictable) climates, made it possible for us to survive (unlike the Neanderthals) and shape the modern way in which many of us live today. Yet, there are still so many solutions that can be implemented into our architecture to help us continue our journey. For instance, the more..


The wonderful #followmeto series has been created by the young Russian photographer Murad Osmann. The story began in Barcelona, Spain 2011 when Murad Osmann’s girlfriend Nataly Zakharova had enough of his incessant photo clicking on their vacation. “Nataly was a bit annoyed that I was always taking pictures of everything, so she grabbed my hand and more..

New York Biotopes

The amazing duality of New York City’s urbanism and naturalism became the center of inspiration for Lena Steinkühler’s animation and motion graphics short, New York Biotopes. The New York Biotopes deal with abstract plants and creatures, which change their forms because of insufficient living space and adapt themselves to the surroundings of the metropolis New York more..


TOTAL Greek Yoghurt and Dutch London-based fashion designer Maarten van der Hors (the guy responsible for bringing back the Hawaiian shirt) joined forces to create a limited edition of 100 custom design Black + Blum lunch pots, serving handy for today’s fashion-conscious woman and men on the go. The new lunch pots look colorful and playful, bringing more..


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KYP the-big-internet-museum1

Who designed the “@ symbol,” what was the very first search engine? If you have ever wondered how the internet came to be, The Big Internet Museum will give you a tasteful interactive tour through the ever-growing existence of the “World Wide Web.” Aside from that it’s a museum like any other, with curators READ MORE


Google has finally learned how to show instead of tell. Shot from the point of view of the Google Glass wearer, the video below, shows skydivers, ice skaters, ballerinas, skiers and pilots enjoying all of the augmented-reality and photo-capturing goodness of the glasses. Also, images on the Google Glass website show more uses for the READ MORE


These photos might seem like the surfaces of Mars, Venus or any other (undiscovered) planet, but in reality, they are far from. Christopher Jonassen, a Norwegian photographer shot these beautiful and otherworldly series called ‘Devour of frying pan bottoms’, which are visually similar to the craters on a planet. By removing the handles, Christopher brings READ MORE


The Lumino Kinetic and Beyond media project explores the properties of light and perception of space. The project has been presented at the digital media installation event IDAS (hongik university and has been developed by Japanese designer Yuri endo. Yuri developed the project for the final phase of his thesis project, elaborating on the previous experimentation, ‘luminous specimen‘ which READ MORE


While poorly made infographics are being called the “plague” of the internet, its awesome to see artists like Paul Marcinkowski (AKA Kaplon) create something truly original. You might remember the famous 1999 Stefan Sagmeister poster where the designer carved text into his own body with an X-acto knife. Needless to say, his unconventional method is READ MORE


The future of space travel is closer than most of us think and last night, at the “future of space travel” conference in Amsterdam, scientists Gerard ‘t Hooft, Bas Lansdorp en Michel van Pelt all gave us amazingly clear explanations on how we will be returning some time soon. Nowadays several space agencies are taking second looks at historical READ MORE


As drones, facial recognition technology, and cellphone snooping are starting to affect the broader culture, the New York-based artist Adam Harvey has designed a line of high-tech garments made with sophisticated fabrics that can block signals and thwart cameras. Set to launch next week in London as part of a collaborative project with fashion designer READ MORE


These creatures aren’t some futuristic insect-bots developed by the government or some shadowy conspiracy group to infiltrate our homes. No, they’re little sculptures put together by London photographer Luca di Filippo, using pieces of electronic waste for his series, “Daily Contaminations”, in which they have been posed with food and photographed. These bugs with their READ MORE 


Im loving this Publicis Switzerland campaign “For Any Hair Type” for Garnier Fructis, as between many boring or overly edited advertising photos this definitely finds some originality, shampoo that features guys with long beards that aren’t really beards and aren’t really attached to the guys. With the ad Garnier is responding to the fact that shampoo is for both READ MORE


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The future of space travel is closer than most of us think and last night, at the "future of space travel" conference in Amsterdam, scientists Gerard 't Hooft, Bas Lansdorp en Michel van Pelt all gave us amazingly clear explanations on how we will be returning some time soon.

Nowadays several space agencies are taking second looks at historical exploration scenarios, for instance: "Mars One" a project by the Dutch Bas Lansorp, wants to land four astronauts on the Red Planet in 2023. Along with the idea he also came up with a creative way to fund this ambitious undertaking.

The Netherlands-based nonprofit plans to stage a global reality-TV event that follows the colonization effort from astronaut selection through the settlers' first years on the Red Planet. Mars One thinks revenues from broadcasting rights and sponsorships will cover most of the one-way mission's estimated $6 billion cost.

The cameras will be turned on soon. Mars One released its basic astronaut requirements earlier this month — you must be at least 18 years old, intelligent, in good mental and physical health and committed to the project — and the televised astronaut-selection process will kick off later this year, officials say.

Yesterday Lansdorp talked about Mars One's business model, the major challenges facing the project and its long-term goals, which include landing new crews on the Red Planet every two years after the first pioneers touch down.

Human exploration is inspiring and romantic and useful when it comes to scientific understanding. Advances in (robotic) technology means there are few things an astronaut can't do in space. Lets hope that they will succeed. 

Bas Lansdorp.


by Miryam Muller in , , Google Chrome’s recently launched project called “One Hundred Thousand Stars” will definitely make allot of astronomers and star-watchers happy.

Basically the OHTS interactive application is a huge space map including the locations of more than 100,000 stars. The app has a large variety of cool features that allow you too zoom in from the Sun all the way over to the Milky Way. This mapped galaxy is both incredibly huge yet easy to navigate, making it a perfectly educative leisure time activity.

Preview One Hundred Thousand Stars above and take a map tour by clicking here.

By the way, the music behind One Hundred Thousand Stars is by Sam Hulick, whose music gamers may recognize  from Mass Effect.




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A while ago, NASA scientists reported something pretty frightening and maybe a bit too movie-like to even sound remotely true: our own sun could have a temper tantrum that would unleash a tsunami of radiation from outer space, potentially wiping out our space satellites, power lines and leaving entire continents without power.

A disasters of this size may seem hard to believe, but the reality is, that every eleven years the sun flips to its magnetic field (North becomes South and South becomes North) and releases a burst of radiation directed toward outer space, including Earth, and that this burst could eventually endanger most of our communication systems.

Thus, if this scenario turns out to be true, it would mean that our refrigerators and freezers wouldn't have any electricity and communication systems and power systems worldwide could be wiped out for months.

In a way, space age is still relatively young; we've only had a few of these sunspot cycles to worry about, and for the bigger part we missed out on most of the radiation that has been emitted over previous cycles.

Yet, in 1859 there was a solar storm which paralyzed telegraph wires and had been the largest geomagnetic storm in recorded history. Back then, luckily, they only had a telegraph system, and telegram wires were crafted strongly. If that solar storm of 1859 were to hit us today it would cause (according to the report) trillions of dollars in property damage and hundreds of billions of dollars in damage for each of the countries that were affected. Gone too would be the satellites controlling most of our luxuries today, including communication, television, radio, and the Internet where you are reading this very blog.

So when might this whole thing happen? Right: the year 2012, the next peaking of our sun’s solar cycle. The report, however, is careful to say that this may in fact not happen. It's inevitable, however, that at some time or another it will happen again.

If you want to make decisions based off what could actually happen, listen to Michio Kaku, a child prodigy who's become one of the greatest minds of our time. He's a top physicist at City University of New York who has picked up where Albert Einstein left off.

Kaku wrote the book "Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100" and in the book he talks to hundreds of other scientists to piece together what our life will look like in the next century.

On American Morning, Kaku joins Ali Velshi to shares a glimpse at what's possible at the end of 2012, check out the video below.