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Autumn-Portal-2 These beautiful kaleidoscopic images have been created by photo-illustrator Matt Walford. The images are digitally manipulated landscapes that are intended to transcend the beauty of nature from a Pantheistic viewpoint. Most of Matt's work speaks about his interest in surrealism, nature and conceptualism deriving from his old editorial and commercial work as a photographer in London.

"In all of my work I find myself deconstructing nature, whether it’s a landscape or a flower, or even food. I then reconstruct these natural elements to create my own world in which things exist in a way that they cannot in nature. I think this spells from a boyish need to take everything apart and put it back together again, along with a great love of science and the natural world."

You can view the entire series here.





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KYP the-big-internet-museum1

Who designed the “@ symbol,” what was the very first search engine? If you have ever wondered how the internet came to be, The Big Internet Museum will give you a tasteful interactive tour through the ever-growing existence of the “World Wide Web.” Aside from that it’s a museum like any other, with curators READ MORE


Google has finally learned how to show instead of tell. Shot from the point of view of the Google Glass wearer, the video below, shows skydivers, ice skaters, ballerinas, skiers and pilots enjoying all of the augmented-reality and photo-capturing goodness of the glasses. Also, images on the Google Glass website show more uses for the READ MORE


These photos might seem like the surfaces of Mars, Venus or any other (undiscovered) planet, but in reality, they are far from. Christopher Jonassen, a Norwegian photographer shot these beautiful and otherworldly series called ‘Devour of frying pan bottoms’, which are visually similar to the craters on a planet. By removing the handles, Christopher brings READ MORE


The Lumino Kinetic and Beyond media project explores the properties of light and perception of space. The project has been presented at the digital media installation event IDAS (hongik university and has been developed by Japanese designer Yuri endo. Yuri developed the project for the final phase of his thesis project, elaborating on the previous experimentation, ‘luminous specimen‘ which READ MORE


While poorly made infographics are being called the “plague” of the internet, its awesome to see artists like Paul Marcinkowski (AKA Kaplon) create something truly original. You might remember the famous 1999 Stefan Sagmeister poster where the designer carved text into his own body with an X-acto knife. Needless to say, his unconventional method is READ MORE


The future of space travel is closer than most of us think and last night, at the “future of space travel” conference in Amsterdam, scientists Gerard ‘t Hooft, Bas Lansdorp en Michel van Pelt all gave us amazingly clear explanations on how we will be returning some time soon. Nowadays several space agencies are taking second looks at historical READ MORE


As drones, facial recognition technology, and cellphone snooping are starting to affect the broader culture, the New York-based artist Adam Harvey has designed a line of high-tech garments made with sophisticated fabrics that can block signals and thwart cameras. Set to launch next week in London as part of a collaborative project with fashion designer READ MORE


These creatures aren’t some futuristic insect-bots developed by the government or some shadowy conspiracy group to infiltrate our homes. No, they’re little sculptures put together by London photographer Luca di Filippo, using pieces of electronic waste for his series, “Daily Contaminations”, in which they have been posed with food and photographed. These bugs with their READ MORE 


Im loving this Publicis Switzerland campaign “For Any Hair Type” for Garnier Fructis, as between many boring or overly edited advertising photos this definitely finds some originality, shampoo that features guys with long beards that aren’t really beards and aren’t really attached to the guys. With the ad Garnier is responding to the fact that shampoo is for both READ MORE


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Honkey Kong is the new Jim Rickey shoeadvertising campaign shot by Swedish photographer Christian Åslund. The JR spring "13 shoead is a tribute to classic 2D platform games and integrate the person with the street. Christian shot the photos in Hong Kong using a tele lens, making the images appear flat, creating the feeling of the model navigating the streets on a 2D plane.

Christian got the idea for the video after visiting a friend in HK and spending a lot of time on his rooftop. For the video Åslund used walkie-talkies to co-ordinate with friends on the ground and kept retouching to a minimum. Accessing rooftops was the toughest part of the shoot, though some local film students worked as fixers.



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These days i'm pretty much sure that many of the best advertising ideas are not ads in the digital and social media age.

Take TNT’s new dramatic entrance into the Belgium market, where TNT literally brought drama to this tranquil country with the placement of a big red push button in the small town square of Flanders. A sign with the text “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. People daring to push it were confronted with a flash mob of ambulances, fist fights, police shootouts, bikini-clad motorcyclists, and finally a banner that reveals the message, “TNT. Your Daily Dose of Drama.”


Since the video of the flash mob has gone viral, it has already racked up over 28 million views in less than a week. Of course, flash mobs and viral videos are not new. Last month in France, a young woman in Paris sampled the new Q10+ Nivea cream and ended up being encircled by a flash mob of handsome flower vendors, joggers, policeman, firemen, and even a modern day shining knight on a white horse. Needless to say, this execution was a huge viral hit with the French ladies with nearly a half-million hits.


Or just the amazing T-MOBILE London Heathrow "welcome home" commercial, welcoming people from their flights in these amazing circumstances!


What I love about these advertising ideas is that they are based on product benefits and creatively brought to life through fresh, non-traditional executions, engaging consumers in a fun, memorable way.

These should be good reminders that today’s most successful ad agencies are in the ideas business, not the advertising business.


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Swedish "fast fashion" retailer Hennes & Mauritz is definitely one to keep up with the latest trends. After COS, Monki, Cheap Monday, Weekday and several successful collaborations the latest joint on their creative list will be "& Other Stories," a development all shoppers should be very excited about.

H&M's & Other Stories will have a wider range of merchandise, including women's ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, gadgets, accessories and beauty products (but the price points will be similar to their other stores). As for aesthetics, the brand will probably have that masculine/feminine vibe all great French and Swedish women seem to be born with. The creative department is based in Paris and Stockholm and is led by head of design Anna Teurnell, "our aim to design lasting wardrobe treasures within a wide price range."

& Other Stories will open its first seven stores in London, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Paris, and Stockholm, as well as online shopping for those in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the U.K. (sorry, fellow Dutchies, we'll have to wait our turn).

The preview below, showing a sneak peak of selected shoes in the & Other Stories line is beautifully shot in Paris; with the film deconstructed into polaroid stills of a barefoot beauty wandering the city.  H&M know how to tantalise the senses as shoes are shown in the very last few seconds of preview, but they are stunning.  Patent black and tan lace up heels and slip on sling backs intrigue, before a white wedge, visually much like a hoof from the back with a slit up the middlebrings the preview to an end.