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New York based artist John Clang had an idea for how to bring families back together using modern technology we already use to keep connected: Skype.

Clang, originally from Singapore himself, tested his idea first with his own family, having them call him on Skype and then projecting their image on a wall. He then posed with the family as if they were in the room with him and then captured an image of the combined group. No photo trickery needed to be used, this was just a matter of snapping an image.

Now Clang has created a series of images titled Be Here Now, capturing projected families and their international members in countries around the world. He connected with his migratory subjects through recommendations from friends, embassies and the internet, and then traveled to meet with them and do a Skype video call with their family back home. In an ever more transitory society, it’s a wonderful and entertaining way to preserve life’s fleeting family memories. For more of this imaginative photographers work, see