by Miryam Muller in

Come with Me presents four series of landscape photography made by Ellie Davies in The New Forest between 2008 and 2011. Davies has intervened in areas of the forest landscape to create images that express her relationship to the forest, and though each body of work stands alone as a distinct series, together they trace the trajectory of her on-going exploration of the forest as a cultural landscape.

Located on the south coast of England, The New Forest is a landscape that has been shaped by human processes over thousands of years and includes ancient woodlands and timber plantations. As such, the forest represents the confluence of nature and culture, of natural landscape and human activity. Forests are potent symbols in folklore, fairy tale and myth; places of enchantment and magic as well as of danger and mystery.

Ellie Davies intentionally taps into these primal urges with a breadth of work that explores our relationship with nature. These “woodland dwellings” were made using a variety of building techniques – both traditional and experimental – to create structures that are as much a part of the wild environment as they are a respite from it.