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Love seeing these creative marketing ideas that companies come up with.

For those of you in the UK, be sure to keep your eyes open, as Converse kicked off a great ambient campaign in the UK, which offers passers-by an opportunity to take the brand’s shoes in extraordinary situations right in the street. To launch the promotion dubbed ‘In case of emergency’ (or I.C.E.) Converse put its winter boots into special red street boxes in secret locations across the country—the shoe wear can be taken out by any one, if he or she really needs it. Wonder how long it took people to realize they could actually take the shoes.

But it’s not a mere giveaway. The brand also encourages people to take a photo of the boxes with the shoes and then post the shots to the wall of its Facebook fan page for a chance to win one of the three tickets to the ‘adventure’ at the London’s premiere music venue 100 Club on November 24. This is a good way to unite Converse fans—once the pair of shoes is taken, the I.C.E. box is empty and no one else can take a photo of it to participate. But the trick is that Converse’s boxes are placed in locations where good shoes will be definitely needed, so it’s highly improbable that the containers will have the prize for longer than an hour.

Those, who spot an empty box, still can tweet the emergency they find written in the box using the #converseboots hashtag, and Converse will give them a chance to win a new pair of its winter boots.

Earlier this year, Converse participated in the music history of the country by doing its huge part to save the legendary 100 Club in London.

Via Hypebeast and Paper Plane